Bring WWT to Your Event

WWT Ambassadors participate in many conferences, festivals, and conventions, teaching the public about astronomy using WWT. Ambassadors give demonstrations with WWT, lead workshops on using WWT, and more. If you would be interested in having WWTA at your event, please contact us. 

April 2015: WWTA participates in the Cambridge Science Festival at the Science Carnival and Robot Zoo.  The following day Ambassadors introduce WWT to hundreds at Cambridge Exlpores the Universe event hosted by CfA.

January 2015: WWTA goes to the American Astronomical Society's 225th Meeting to present research results and lead WWT demonstrations.

October 2014: WWTA hosts booth at Geek Is Glam STEM Expo, an event co-hosted byThe Girl Scouts of Central & Western Massachusetts and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  In addition, WWTA ran workshops introducing attendees to WWT and their own areas of expertise.

August 2014: WWTA goes to Astronomical Society of the Pacific's Annual Meeting in Burlingame, CA. Conference focus for 2014 is "Celebrating Science: Putting Education Best Practices to Work"

June 2014: WWTA presents at ComSciCon in Cambridge, MA.

July 2013: WWTA goes to the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's Annual Meeting in San Jose, California, and led a workshop on using WWT in the classroom for higher education. WWTA also did several demos.

April 2013: WWTA participates in the annual "Cambridge Explores the Universe" Program and the Cambridge Science Festival Carnival.

February 2013: WWTA hosts a demonstration booth at the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Family Science Days in Boston.

January 2013: WWTA goes to the American Astronomical Society's 221st Annual Meeting and led demonstrations, participated in discussions on public outreach, and presented results from a recent study on the use of WWT in schools.

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