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Astronomy Interactives for Online Learning

Through a partnership with GBH, NASA's Universe of Learning, and funding from NASA, we have created three exciting new web-based interactives to support middle school and high school learning in space science, covering the solar system, the life cycle of stars, and evidence for the Big Bang and expansion of the universe.

Each online interactive comes with an instructor lesson plan and student activity sheets, which can be adapted for use at other levels.


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Bring WWT to Your Event

WWT Ambassadors participate in many conferences, festivals, and conventions, teaching the public about astronomy using WWT. Ambassadors give demonstrations with WWT, lead workshops on using WWT, and more. If you would be interested in having WWTA at your event, please contact us. 

April 2015: WWTA participates in the Cambridge Science Festival at the Science Carnival and Robot Zoo.  The following day Ambassadors introduce WWT to...

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