WorldWide Telescope Ambassadors (WWTA) use WWT to educate the public about Astronomy and Science. WWTA is run by a team of astronomers and educators at Harvard University, in collaboration with the American Astronomical Society (AAS) and the WWT team at Microsoft Research.


Program Goals

WorldWide Telescope is a powerful astronomy visualization tool that can be used by anyone from children to professional astronomers.

Because of our diverse audiences, the WWTA program goals are broad:

  • use WWT as a tool to teach astronomy and physics concepts and scientific skills
  • generate interest and enthusiasm for learning science.

Ambassador Recruitment

We recruit and train volunteer Ambassadors who help facilitate the use of WWT in educational settings like schools, science festivals, and museums.  Anyone with demonstrated knowledge and interest in astronomy and physics can become an Ambassador.  Teachers may choose to receive training directly and/or have an Ambassador come work with them in their classes.  Please contact us for more information.

WWT Stories

Learn how WorldWide Telescope telescope has been put in action for a variety of research and outreach initiatives.

WWT User Impact