Current Funding

The WWT Ambassadors program is currently funded through the NSF-supported, science education research and curricula development project called ThinkSpace as well as a NASA-CAN parternship with WGBH. The following awards support WWT Ambassadors projects:

          WGBH  NASA

Past Funding

WWT Ambassadors program began through funding and generous support by Miscrosoft Research and the John Templeton Foundation. 

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The following John Templeton Foundation awards have supported WWT Ambassadors projects:

  • Cultivating Curiosity with Life in the Universe Inquiry Lab (LITU): Alyssa Goodman & Pat Udomprasert (NS-58380)

The following NSF awards have supported WWT Ambassadors projects:

  • Building an Understanding of Astronomical Sizes and Scales with WorldWide Telescope: Edwin Ladd (DUE-1140440)
  • EAGER: A Prototype WorldWide Telescope Visualization Lab Designed in the Web-based Inquiry Science Environment: Alyssa Goodman (IIS-1254535)

The following NSF awards used WWT or WWTA for their outreach component:

  • PostDoctoral Research Fellowship: Philip Rosenfield, (NSF 1501205)
  • PostDoctoral Research Fellowship: Abigail Vieregg, (NSF 1103553)
  • CAREER: Sharing Deep CMB Maps for Cosmological DiscoveryJohn Kovac(NSF-CAREER 125535)
  • The Massive Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy and its Immediate Environment, Northwestern University (AST-1109753)
  • Management and Operation of the Virtual Astronomical Observatory, VAO Team (AST-0834235


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