WWT Educators Tour

A Tour introducing ways you can use WWT in both formal and informal educational settings.  Lisa walks you through many of the key features in the WWT interface.

This tour gives an overview of these WWT features:

  • how to pause while viewing a tour, explore on your own, and restart the tour. (note that Lisa's instructions assume you are using the desktop interface.  If you are viewing this tour in a web browser, press the space bar to pause and restart the tour.  Not all of the tabs she describes will appear in the web browser version.)
  • how to navigate in the sky
  • how to use the contextual thumbnails to find objects of interest in your field of view
  • how to use the context globe to see where you are in the sky
  • how to search for specific objects
  • how to use the Finder Scope to research objects of interest
  • how to use the Planet view to explore Earth, Mars, and other planets or moons in much greater detail


Lisa Dettloff

The full version of this tour can be downloaded here (by right-clicking) and viewed in the desktop version of WorldWide Telescope.

educators_tour.wtt5.65 MB