WorldWide Telescope Ambassadors: A Year 3 Update


Udomprasert PS, Goodman AA, Wong C. WorldWide Telescope Ambassadors: A Year 3 Update, in Communicating Science: A National Conference on Science Education and Public Outreach. Vol 473. Tuscon, AZ: Astronomical Society of the Pacific ; 2013 :137-140.
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Date Presented:

10-12 Aug., 2012


We give a brief overview of some key features of WorldWide Telescope and its Ambassadors Program, and we describe two goals for expanding the program in the coming year: scaling up training efforts; and developing “plug and play” Visualization Lab modules that teach key Earth and Space Science concepts to students while emphasizing important scientific processes and skills. We discuss several different ways that members of the astronomy education and outreach community can incorporate WWT-based materials into their work.

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