Known WWT Bugs and Solutions

General WWT Usage Issues

The thumbnails for the panoramas aren’t working.

On the left side of the thumbnails, there is a drop down menu that lists all the panoramas by name. This usually works even when the thumbnails don’t.

I need to control the zoom more carefully.

To get finer control of distance steps in 3D view, hold down "shift" while rolling mouse wheel or pressing page up/page down.

There is no "Mars" option under the "Planets" view.

There is a Mars view, it's just labeled "Visible Imagery" under the "Planets" view.

Making Tours

How can I make my tour automatically pause when the viewer clicks on a hyperlink?

You can “fake” this with linked slides.  Make a really long (~30min) slide with the hyperlink, then “click here to continue” button that advances to next slide.

How can users who don’t have trackpads or mouses with scroll buttons zoom in and out?

The page up/page down will buttons will zoom in/out

The blue “safe area” won’t display in WWT.

You can “fake” the safe area with 1024x768 resolution.

I want my slides to be interactive, but viewers can't move around in my tour.

Tour slides can be interactive only if you leave end camera position free.  They won't be interactive if you set an end camera position.

Bug Without Easy Fixes (We're working on it)

  • In edit mode, you can’t pause a tour and then start playing it again from where you left off. It will restart from the beginning. In view mode, however, you can pick up right from where you left off.
  • There is no built-in “Export to Video” command. The best way to make a video of a tour is to take screen capture of the tour as it is running.
  • You cannot stack more than two images at a time.
  • WWT reloads the entire music file every time that file is added to a new clip, which can make tour files excessively large.
  • In some versions of WWT, the cursor vanishes during tour play.
  • There is no easy way to go from “Edit Mode” back to “View Mode” when working on a tour. You can easily get to Edit Mode from View Mode, however.
  • Moving the finder scope to an object too close to the top/bottom of the screen will cause the image to move.
  • The Spitzer image links appear to be broken sometimes.