How can I help students with research projects? Where should I point them for ideas for topics and how can I help them use WWT to find more information?

    When choosing topics, try to steer students toward interesting stories, not just facts. (Examples: How does a star form? Where do planetary nebulae come from? What happens when two galaxies collide? What is the evidence for black holes? Why is Neptune blue while Saturn is orange?)

    Don’t feel like you have to tell them all the answers. Teach them to fish instead of giving them fish. “That’s a good question. What do you think?”

    When you do give answers, try to focus your explanations on WHY something is true, HOW we know, and what the EVIDENCE is.

    Some good resources for learning more are:

      • WWT Finder Scope and Research menu
      • Other resources on the Internet
        • Help them learn to judge a source’s reliability. Who 
is the author? What are the credentials of the source?
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