WorldWide Telescope is a powerful tool that helps students visualize and understand our vast cosmos.  It inspires learners to explore, to ask questions, and to practice the scientific skills that astronomers use to build our understanding of objects that are literally across the universe.

Young children can learn about the causes of night and day by manipulating the real-time model of Earth in our solar system.  Middle school children can use WWT to understand seasons and Moon phases, as well as distance scales in the universe.  High school students can learn how...

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Get Involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved with WWTA, whether you're an educator, a professional astronomer, a student, an amateur astronomer, or simply someone who really enjoys working with WWT. To get involved with WWTA contact us.

Become an Ambassador

WWT Ambassadors are amateur and professional astronomers (including graduate students, postdocs, and retirees), undergraduate students with a strong background in astronomy, retired STEM (science, technology,...

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