Tour Creation Guides

  • Tour Creation How-To's, by WWTA Team (.pdf)
    Reference sheet that gives instructions on various aspects of Tour creation. (Mirrors material contained in the video tutorials).
  • Tour Do's and Don'ts, by WWTA Team (.pdf)
    • Geared toward Ambassadors who would like to contribute to the WWTA Tour Collection.
    • Important guidelines to consider when creating a Tour for educational purposes.
  • Importing Your Own Images For Use in Tours, by WWTA Team (.pdf)
    • Detailed instructions on how to import images into WWT, so they "stick" in Tours.
    • A sample Tour file using some WISE images is available here.  A sample edited collection .wtml file is available here.  (It's been brought to our attention that some Internet Explorer users encounter error messages when trying to download these files.  If this occurs, please try an alternate browser like Firefox, until we are able to resolve this issue.  We apologize for the inconvenience.)

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