WWT Lesson Plans

Here you can find tours that WorldWide Telescope Ambassadors have already used in the classroom, along with lesson plans and write-ups for how to use them.

Intro Activity

This tour is a great activity for helping students to get started with WWT. They can explore many different views in space and learn a little bit about our place in the Universe.

Moon Phases and Eclipses

In this three day activity students use both physical models (styrofoam balls+lamp) and WWT to learn about and understand what causes the phases of the moon and eclipses. This activity was developed with funding from the National Science Foundation.


This eight day unit is currently in development.  The unit uses a combination of physical and virutal models to give students the opportunities to explore all of the different factors involved in the seasonal patterns we experience on Earth.

Stellar Evolution

In this one day activity students act out the process of stellar evolution and see stars at different life stages in WWT.

Golden Ratio/Spiral

This one day activity explores the prevalence of the Golden Ratio throughout the Universe.

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