Moon Phases & Eclipses

The ThinkSpace Moon Phases and Eclipses is a 3-day unit currently in development. The curriculum has been designed to align with standards for middle school Earth and Space Science. It uses a combination of Earth-based and space-based perspectives to strengthen students spatial reasoning skills.  The ThinkSpace lab was developed with support from the National Science Foundation.

The goal of the ThinkSpace Moon Phases and Eclipses curriculum is to help students gain a stronger understanding of the causes of lunar phases and eclipses and eliminate common misconceptions through the use of helpful visual aids. This is accomplished through interactive digital media known as “Tours” made in WorldWide Telescope, a software package that models our universe.

What's included in this lab?

Students model moon phases in a classroom using a lamp and foam balls.

Students using a model of the moon.

How do I run the WWT tours?

Windows is required to run WorldWide Telescope.