WorldWide Telescope is a powerful tool that helps students visualize and understand our vast cosmos.  It inspires learners to explore, to ask questions, and to practice the scientific skills that astronomers use to build our understanding of objects that are literally across the universe. WWT Ambassadors program brings professional astronomers to your school to work with students and provides resources to help effectively use WWT in their classrooms.

Young children can learn about the causes of night and day by manipulating the real-time model of Earth in our solar system.  Middle school children can use WWT to understand seasons and Moon phases, as well as distance scales in the universe.  High school students can learn how astronomers have pieced together the life cycle of stars by observing breathtaking nebulae, white dwarfs, and red giants.  College students can explore important maps made by astronomers that help us to understand how gravity influences the shapes and structures we see in the universe.  Everyone can use WWT to tell and share their own stories of what they have learned about astronomy and space.

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