Creating WWT Tours

"Tours" are interactive paths through the night sky, designed to tell a story or teach a particular astronomy concept.  They look like movies, but when viewed in WWT, you can pause the tour to explore regions of the sky that catch your interest, and you can click on hyperlinks throughout the tour to learn more about an object or phenomenon. You can view tours on the web client of WWT or in the full desktop version. You may also often come across many video versions of tours, as on the bottom of this page.

You may create a tour using the desktop version of WorldWide telescope.

Here are two sample tours made by the WWTA team. 

Astronomy for Everyone

A six-minute introduction to Astronomy.  This Tour gives a broad overview of many important topics for budding astronomers to explore.

Created by: Alyssa Goodman, Curtis Wong, Lisa Dettloff, Megan Watzke, Sanjana Sharma

Galileo's New Order

To commemorate the 400th anniversary of Galileo's discovery of moons around Jupiter, we have produced a WWT Tour recreating these historic observations. This is an example of the kind of teaching Ambassadors will be able to do using WWT.

Created by: Alyssa Goodman, CfA; Curtis Wong, MSR; Patricia Udomprasert, CfA

Intro to Tour Making in WWT

This video demonstrates some tour-making basics:

  • How to start making a tour
  • How to turn off Constellation lines and overlays
  • How to add slides
  • How to search for WWT objects to include in slides
  • How to set the starting and ending camera positions for slide

How to Add Text, Shapes, and Images

This video demonstrates:

  • How to add and format Text to slides.
  • How to add Shapes to slides, and how to resize and rotate them.
  • How to add Images to slides, and how to resize and rotate them.

How to Add Images and Hyperlinks

This video demonstrates:

  • How to paste your own images into slides
  • How to add a hyperlink to your images

How to Add Narration and Music to Your Tour

This video demonstrates: How to use the Sound Recorder within MSFT Windows to record narration audio files.

  • How to add the narration tracks to slides within a Tour
  • How to use a Master slide when an audio track spans multiple slides
  • How to add a music track to a Tour, taking care not to infringe on copyright.

How to Adjust Color and Opacity

This video demonstrates:

  • How to change the color and opacity of text, shapes, and images.
  • Examples of effective use of color and opacity changes.

How to Use Animation Effectively in Your Tour

This video gives three examples of effective use of Animation in slides:

  • animating a time-series graph to show correspondence with moving objects on screen.
  • animating shapes to illustrate a physical concept.
  • animating text to keep labels with appropriate objects in a complicated pan and zoom sequence.

How to Animate Objects in WWT

This video demonstrates how to animate text, shapes, and images in WWT slides.