Life In the Universe Inquiry Lab

With generous support from the John Templeton Foundation, the WWT Ambassadors program is currently developing an exciting after-school project geared at middle school students, titled "Life In the Universe Inquiry Lab". The Life in the Universe (LITU) labs will be a series of 8 sessions in which students will use hands-on activities and visualizations using WWT to answer the question: "How can we and why do we seek life elsewhere in the Universe?"  In partnership with the Harvard Ed Portal and a local middle school, WWTA is developing, implementing, testing and refining the LITU lab modules with small cohorts of students.

Upon completion the LITU labs will become available to the public for no cost to be shared and implemented in informal, including extended-day, learning environments across the country.

The pilot program and it's culminating celebration and student tour showcase were featured in the Harvard Gazette on July 5, 2016.