Parents & Kids

Bring WWT to Your Event

WWT Ambassadors participate in many conferences, festivals, and conventions, teaching the public about astronomy using WWT. Ambassadors give demonstrations with WWT, lead workshops on using WWT, and more. If you would be interested in having WWTA at your event, please contact us. 

April 2015: WWTA participates in the Cambridge Science Festival at the Science Carnival and Robot Zoo.  The following day Ambassadors introduce WWT to hundreds at Cambridge Exlpores the Universe event hosted by CfA.

I've Installed WWT. Now What?

Embedded in the WWT program are tours that allow you to navigate the program.

This video is a general introduction to the key program features. 

Also, see our tutorials, explore WWT Tours, and See our Getting Started page. 

How Do Install that Cool Program I saw at the Science Fair?

WorldWide Telescope is available for free download at WorldWide Telescope Website, . The Desktop client is only available for Windows PCs.

You can also use the WorldWide Telescope web client that has some of the same features as the Desktop version, but it does not require any installation. The Web Client runs on HTML 5, so you'll need a web browser that supports that.

Science Fans

WorldWide Telescope is a free, interactive and stunningly beautiful virtual observatory. From your home computer, you can investigate your favorite planets, view exploding stars, colliding galaxies and more, as seen through the world’s most powerful telescopes. Find your home on the virtual Earth, then zoom out to see your city, your continent, your home planet. Keep going out farther and farther to see our Earth’s place in our Solar System, our place within the Milky Way Galaxy, and within the universe.