WWT Parallax Lab

The WWT Ambassadors and faculty and staff at Bucknell University have developed a hybrid lab involving both hands-on and virtual activities that focuses on the concept of parallax. This lab, designed for non-science undergraduates in an introductory astronomy class, combines real-time modeling in a terrestrial environment with detailed visualization using virtual environment software. Students are therefore able to both explore parallax as it is viewed astronomically and develop physical intuition for the concept by measuring it in real time.


What Training Do You Provide?

We have online tutorials for remote users.

At the CFA we have training sessions for WWT Ambassadors usually two to three times per year. We also can provide training to remote users via Skype and have traveled to do workshops. Training consists of teaching ambassadors how to use WWT, how to create tours, and how to work in classrooms or science fairs with children. 

How Do I Volunteer?

Boston Area

  • Come to a WWTA training session (usually in the winter and summer).  
  • Contact Us if you would like to be on the Boston Ambassadors mailing list.
  • Use our Viz-e-lab lab to work on tours.
  • Help out at a science festival
  • Volunteer at a participating school.
  • Help recruit more local schools.


  • Help create a WWT Language Pack if one does not already exist.


WorldWide Telescope is a great way to communicate your research to a general audience. 


WWT Ambassadors are amateur and professional astronomers (including graduate students, postdocs, and retirees), undergraduate students with a strong background in astronomy, retired STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) professionals, teachers, and science educators.  Potential Ambassadors must demonstrate their expertise in astronomy and an interest and ability to communicate their ideas with others.  We are actively recruiting Ambassadors in the Boston area.